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I'm using BackupPC for all my machines and it's great! I would now like to
protect my BackupPC pool somehow (if my BackupPC server crashes, gets stolen
or burns up I don't want to loose the data). As I see it, I have at least
two options:

1. Run a second instance of BackupPC off-site

I'll advocate for this option, especially if you're mainly doing this for disaster recovery. My reasoning is that it's the most fool-proof, least likely to propagate corruption that might happen on the primary server, and it's flexible.

It gives you options -- the biggest being that the off-site server doesn't have to have the exact same configuration as the primary server.

For example, you might have the following on your primary/on-site server:
 $Conf{FullPeriod} = 59.6
 $Conf{IncrPeriod} = 0.6

and the following on the DR/off-site server:
 $Conf{FullPeriod} = 364.6
 $Conf{IncrPeriod} = 6.6

The off-site server could still wake up nightly, but as long as you stagger the backups correctly, only ~1/7 of your machines would be backed up any given night, and only 1/365 of your machines would get a full backup each night.

For example if you had 365 PCs to backup, your primary server would (assuming evenly distributed full backups) perform an average of 6 full backups and 359 incr backups each night. Your off-site server would (again, assuming evently distributed full backups) usually perform 1 full backup and 52 incr backups each night.

The off-site server consumes substancially less data per night, which is especially attractive if your link to off-site is lower bandwidth or the DR server is otherwise challenged (less CPU, storage).

Remember your primary server would still backup everything nightly and would be your go-to for most recoveries. But it does assume that for DR purposes (if all your PCs and your primary BackupPC server are fried|stolen|flooded|hacked|...) you're willing to lose up to 1 week of data.

If the off-site server *is* adequately sized wrt storage, you also get a much longer archival history on that server for free as a result, albeit with less granularity.

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2. Copying the pool and send it off-site

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Any thought on this? How do you get redundancy of your BackupPC data?


/Hannes Elvemyr


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