I'm in the process of upgrading from Centos 6 to Centos 7.

A few days after  I upgraded my BackupPC host to Centos 7 I upgraded BackupPC to V4 which went well.

I then upgraded 2 more hosts to C7 and started getting 1 Xfer error for these 2 hosts and I gather that this is what the error is.

cannot delete non-empty directory: bin
could not make way for new symlink: bin
cannot delete non-empty directory: lib
could not make way for new symlink: lib
cannot delete non-empty directory: lib64
could not make way for new symlink: lib64
cannot delete non-empty directory: sbin
could not make way for new symlink: sbin
cannot delete non-empty directory: var/lock
could not make way for new symlink: var/lock
cannot delete non-empty directory: var/run
could not make way for new symlink: var/run

Done: 0 errors, 17 filesExist, 16308 sizeExist, 15713 sizeExistComp, 0 
filesTotal, 0 sizeTotal, 477 filesNew, 283155291 sizeNew, 113835775 
sizeNewComp, 385445 inode
DoneGen: 0 errors, 0 filesExist, 0 sizeExist, 0 sizeExistComp, 268733 
filesTotal, 6684135526 sizeTotal, 0 filesNew, 0 sizeNew, 0 sizeNewComp, 385404 
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 
23) at main.c(1543) [generator=]
rsync_bpc exited with benign status 23 (5888)

Although this error seems to be benign I would like to get rid of them none the less.



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