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First of all I am sorry if this question can be answered upon long RTFM.

There's also _short_ RTFM. :)

Lazy questions like this are frowned upon on most mailing lists.  If you
can't spare the time to do things properly when you're being paid for it,
why should anyone else do it for you for nothing?  Don't be too surprised
if most people ignore you.  I expect some people to be annoyed with me for
even posting an answer.  But then they might not have read the answer. :)

It might help to know what version of BackupPC created the cpool.  I'll
hazard a guess that it's version 3.something.

Here are the files I got with a message "it's our backup":

Perhaps I'll post my reply to "The Register" as well:


Some of your 'files' aren't files (and I guess at least two may have
nothing to do with backuppc), and you're most probably going to need a
directory called 'pc' - complete with contents.  But from what you've
written you might just be better off looking for another employer, as
this one apparently has serious management problems.  Perhaps that was
one reason for being a takeover target, though, and the new management
will maybe Do The Right Things (TM).

What is the easiest way (if any :-) to extract browsable filestructure
out of this?

You might be able to use something like BackupPC_zipCreate to create a
.zip archive which you would be able to 'browse'.  But you're going to
need that 'pc' directory and contents.  One important idea in BackupPC
is that files are stored in a pool, so that if more than one copy of a
file exists on several machines or several copies exist on one machine
then only one copy is kept, to save space.  You seem to have your pool.
If identical files do not have the same path/name that can be a problem
so BackupPC stores the names separately, and effectively makes pointers
from names to pool files.  The pool files themselves are named with a
hash, e.g. 'cde1b8799ffe2c163f05b6c566bc47d9', which isn't informative.
The files in the 'pc' directory, which you don't seem to have, will be
your (presently missing) links between hostname/path/filename and those
files in the pool.  The word 'links' might become important to you, as
some filesystems don't support them.  I'm guessing that the file which
you named 'config' above is in fact 'config.pl' and the 'files' are on
a Windows box.  That might not be going to work very well.  Oh - and as
another way to save space, the pool files are _usually_ compressed.  So
if you just want to search the entire pool for a file by e.g. 'grep'ing
for the contents, then you're going to need to uncompress them first.



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