Good day Guys

I am sitting with a very weird situation, and I am hoping someone can help.

I needed to restore some files on an Ubuntu machine. Whats weird is, certain files just sit there and do not complete.


lsof -ad3-999 -c rsync

rsync   7372 root    7u   REG              252,7  37486592 3174459 /REMOVED/download/cougar/.COU-IMMPRO.pdf.NYSypa

I went to the directory and selected one file to be stored, and as said rsync / backuppc just sit there.

The above is a 38M pdf. And in this case always this file, thats a problem.

If I select all the others files for the download directory, then there is no problem with the restore .

I have been doing strace on rsync and backuppc_restore. It just sits there. I.e. Nothing happening / happens.

I was thinking it was Ubuntus apparmour that was stopping the renaming '.COU-IMMPRO.pdf.NYSypa' to the correct name.

I would like to say, backups is no problem, its just restore.

If anyone can assist, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind Regards

Brent Clark

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