Bacula Community Release:

This is to let you know that we have released Bacula version 5.2.13 to
Source Forge.  It is also in the git repository. You will find
a summary of the release, which has 20 bug fixes at the bottom of this

Bacula Training:

If you want Bacula training, please know that there is an Admin I
course being given for the first time in the US -- April 24, 25, and 26
in Salt Lake City.  There is also an Admin I course being given in
French in Paris, the 26, 27, and 28th of March in Paris.  I will
be present in the Paris course on the 27 and hope to see some
of you there. If you are interested, please sign up at:


Finally, we are about to hatch our new baby -- Bacula Admin II
course.  It will be presented in Yverdon, Switzerland, March
19, 20, and 21 in English. It will be presented by Arno, one
of the authors of the course. I will also be there all three

If you are interested in the Admin I course in the US in April
or the Admin II course in March in Switzerland, please see the
Training item at:


Bacula Enterprise Release:

In January 2013, we released the Enterprise version 6.2.1. This
version has an enhanced Bweb with a GUI configurator that is really
nice. In addition it has a lot new features and some significant
performance enhancements that will be particularly interesting to
MSPs and ISPs.

Source Forge:

I was not able to upload the latest release on to Source Forge, because
their system refused to create a shell for me. I can tell you after
working hard on a release, it is really discouraging to have everything
stall at the last second.  Fortunately, Eric was able to get a shell and
did the upload for me.


In case you are not aware, since quite awhile all our software has been
released to www.bacula.org.  Just go to:


where you will find it.  It is a lot simpler than Source Forge but it
gets the job done.

Thanks for using Bacula ...

Best regards,

Bacula Community Release version 5.2.13:

This is an important bug fix release.

Version 5.2.13 version has 20 bug fixes since the last
release.  Some of the bug fixes are important.

 As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
 the same time.

 Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.2.13
 Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older

Important changes since last release:
                                                     [ReleaseNotes] IQ
 - Fix build/configure problems with bpluginfo.c
 - Refactor lock_volumes so most lock a vol rather than globally
 - Add virtualfull-extreme test
 - Apply patch for chio-changer-openbsd from bug #1984 -- Implements li
 - Add bat Mac patch from bug #1953
 - Fix bug #1812 cannot run Copy/Migrate jobs from bat
 - Fix loading of bat translations. Patch from bug #1890
 - Fix text input in bat. Fixe bug #1965
 - Remove Device from show command as it is not used or updated
 - Fix #1982 update enabled keyword in help command
 - Fix update_postgresql_tables 10 to 11
 - Clean after building doc binaries requested by Willem vd Akker for D
 - Require Qt version 4.8.4
 - Fix bug #1955 that OK to run? does not retry on bad response
 - Backport new lock calls + debug for SD
 - Fix bug #1975 new label ignored when first is duplicate.
 - Pull src/lib changes from master
 - Pull SD files from master
 - Turn off prune-test
 - Add logdir and bsrdir to regression config
 - Add bsrdir and logdir to regress-config
 - Changed default directories from /var/bacula to /opt/bacula
 - Make spool size max message more explicit
 - Display more info when maximum spool size is reached
 - Fix TERM defs for Solaris 11 in conio.c
 - Allow group to cd to sysconfdir
 - Make sysconfdir belong to Bacula user/group and exclude others
 - Fix Virtual Full file close bug -- race condition
 - Enhance mount message to include read/append
 - Improve vol_mgr swap messages
 - Enhance output of Using Device to include for read/write
 - Add jobid to Pmsg output
 - Fix bug #1959 input validation on delete of jobs.
 - Fix bug #1956 Authorization Errors false
 - Add workaround for #5507 where autoprune and reload are in deadlock
 - Allow conf file quoted strings to be used in a list
 - Make bfgets handle very long lines
 - Avoid seg fault by checking for NULL client -- reported by Arno
 - Final fix of bug #1943
 - Fix bug #1948 MailOnSuccess get executed on error.
 - Fix missing index on Media table
 - Fix bug #1943 no message storage on closed database connection.
 - Fix bug #1946 Fix problem with MySQL with big Base jobs.
 - Reduce wait time in regression RunScripts
 - Implement a timeout on regression tests of 15 minu[ReleaseNotes] IQ
 - Fix #5346 .bvfs_lsfiles and .bvfs_restore to handle deleted files
 - Fix spooldata, accurate and ingnoreduplicate run argument
 - Fix messages segfault
 - Implement feature request #1939
 - fix #1938 about PATH_MAX on hurd
 - fix #1938 about MAXPATHLEN on hurd
 - Fix bug #1937 OpenBSD autochanger example script
 - Fix #4996 about MaxRunTime canceling the job too early
 - Fix bug #1934 Wrong values at media list in BAT
 - Fix race condition in close_msg that causes seg fault
 - Fix double unlink
 - More tests for freeing NULL pointers
 - Add MaximumConcurrentReadJobs directive to Storage resource
 - Add ujobid to .bvfs_get_jobids
 - Avoid problem when stripping a relative path
 - Fix #4513 about HIDDEN attribute set to parent directory during rest

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1812 1890 1934 1937 1938 1939 1943 1946 1948 1953 1955 1956 1959 1965 1
1982 1984 4513 4996 5346 5507

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