0002304: Serious problems with both backup AND restore using standalone
tape drive; some restores may be impossible

Capsule summary:  SD with standalone tape drive does not honor volume
poll interval, spam-polls the drive MANY times a second, resulting in
huge job status reports for tape-spanning backups (but the backups do at
least succeed).  The gigantic job status messages (which can be over
30MB) cause BAT to become unresponsive for up to several minutes while
loading them.

On restores, the SD gives up after polling the drive 10 times, which
takes a fraction of a second.  This causes restores from standalone tape
drives to fail the first time there is not a tape in the drive, either
at the beginning of the job or at the first tape change.

Can anyone else with a standalone tape drive verify this?

Has anyone with an autochanger tested restores that span tape boundaries?

Director Storage configuration:

Storage {
  Name = babylon5-sd
  Address = babylon5.babcom.com
  SDPort = 9103
  Password = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
  Device = LTO-4
  Media Type = LTO-4
  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20
  Autochanger = no

SD device configuration:

Device {
  Name = LTO-4
  Media Type = LTO-4
  Archive Device = /dev/nst0
  Changer Device = /dev/sg5
  Drive Index = 0
  Autochanger = no
  AutomaticMount = yes          # when device opened, read it
  AlwaysOpen = yes
  OfflineOnUnmount = yes
  RemovableMedia = yes
  RandomAccess = no
  Maximum File Size = 5GB
  Maximum Block Size = 2048000
  Spool Directory = /var/tmp/bacula
  Maximum Spool Size = 10GB
  Maximum Job Spool Size = 5GB
  Volume Poll Interval = 1m

  Phil Stracchino
  Babylon Communications
  Landline: +1.603.293.8485
  Mobile:   +1.603.998.6958

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