--On Thursday, April 14, 2005 3:07 PM -0500 Matt Bettinger

> Hi,
> Sorry if this is somewhere in the FAQ but I searched and didn't find a
> reference to this question.  
> How would I kick off all jobs for all clients?
> I restarted my bacula server box ( FreeBSD ) and my startup script did
> not work correctly.  Now,  I have a bunch of client jobs that I would
> like to run.  I know I can run them using the 'run' command but I prefer
> not to do that for EACH client.  
> Hope this make some sense?
> Thanks!
> -mb 

You can create a shell script to do this.  The format would be something
like the following.  Be careful of possible email line wrapping.

Karl Cunningham


#Run this script to do a FULL Backup
./bconsole -c ./bconsole.conf << END_OF_COMMANDS
@# This assumes the jobs have been defined as full backups.
@# Discard prior messages.  They have been logged anyway
@output /dev/null
@# Back to console
@# now start eveyone.  They should run on their own.
@sleep 5
@#Jobs for Priority: 11
run job=mjk1 level=full yes
run job=osmdb level=full yes
... [other concurrent jobs listed here]
run job=test1 level=full yes
@sleep 5
@#Jobs for Priority: 12
run job=backsrv level=full yes
@sleep 5
@# Back up the Catalog (priority 13)
run job=catalog level=full yes

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