On Fri, 11 Mar 2011, Joseph L. Casale wrote:

> >The bacula-fd daemon (according to netstat -na) doesn't appear to be
> >listening on the IPv6 address.
> Force it to listen on whatever address/port you desire w/ "FDAddresses = "
> http://www.bacula.org/5.0.x-manuals/en/main/main/Client_File_daemon_Configur.html

Thanks for the reply.  Is this considered a bug?  Admittedly not so many
networks use IPv6 yet so I can imagine it might not be very high priority.

Hard coding the IP is not an ideal solution.  This is a laptop running DHCP
without a reservation so while the IPv6 address probably won't change, the
v4 address will.  I can give this laptop a reservation, but we're heading
in the direction of setting up bacula backups for 20-30 laptops, so I'd
prefer not to give them all reservations.


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