I have a machine I back up that when done averages:
Elapsed time:           41 mins 47 secs
  Priority:               1
  FD Files Written:       6,948
  SD Files Written:       6,948
  FD Bytes Written:       14,587,852,350 (14.58 GB)
  SD Bytes Written:       14,589,273,339 (14.58 GB)
  Rate:                   5818.8 KB/s
  Software Compression:   11.7 %

Is this acceptable??? 6Mbps seems slow. I backup my machine and achieve a
little better results

Elapsed time:           3 mins 51 secs
  Priority:               1
  FD Files Written:       665
  SD Files Written:       665
  FD Bytes Written:       2,192,593,865 (2.192 GB)
  SD Bytes Written:       2,192,728,783 (2.192 GB)
  Rate:                   9491.7 KB/s
  Software Compression:   9.8 %

Both of our Machines are almost identical in specs. I'm just wondering
if this is typical or if there are tweeks to speeding things up. My
setup is basically out of the box so not much extra done to it.
I also use mysql for the database.
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