I have an old 2.4.2 bacula install peacefully running on a few CentOS 5 servers.
I did use Mr Schwarz rpms at the time.
I recently added a CentOS 6 server that now includes bacula 5.0.0.

The 5.0 bacula-fd does not seem to want to talk to the 2.4 bacula-dir:
I get a "rejected Hello command".

Should I try harder to debug the issue or is that expected behavior and I am 
forced to upgrade all my old servers to 5.0?
If I have to upgrade, is there a page somewhere listing all the changes I will 
bump into (like configuration change, modified sql schemas...) or do I have to 
start from scratch?

In the mean time, I compiled a 2.4.3 to test...


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