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> Op 20120104 om 09:17 schreef Marco van Wieringen:
> > On 01/ 4/12 12:03 AM, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
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> > >
> > > I understand the problem is located, and no further testing on my side
> > > is needed?
> > >
> > >
> > Correct I see what is causing this problem. I only need to code a workaround
> > and test it so that will take some time to do it right. As I expected 
> > the current
> > extended attribute code is sufficient perform the backup and restore no
> > need to implement yet an other interface.
> > 
> > I installed a Fedora 16 VM and can now test on that.
> As I read is bug #1807 fixed.
Correct I tested this on fedora16 with backing up the ping binary and
restoring it. After the restore now the extended attribute is put
back and the posix capability is visible in both the attr -l and
ls output. Using the restored binary also works as a normal user
so that is enough proof for me that it works.

So you need to enable xattrsupport=yes and then posix file capabilities
are saved. On restore the posix file capabilities are restored on the
files being restored.

This is done using a so called delayed restore of both the ACL and XATTR
streams by the bacula filed on restore. This new implementation also
fixes the acl restore on AIX (which also got clobbered by the chmod
and chown done by the filed after it extracted all file data.) And Solaris
without the proper acl setting on for instance zfs would clobber its
acls on restore.

As the bug report shows its put back for the 5.2.4 release. So when that
is released the patches will be part of that. I fixed quite some other
problems with xattr and acls on both Solaris and AIX this week which were
triggered by a more extended regression test which showed problems on
the Solaris platform. And some AIX problems which were reported here
on the user list after working with the reporter on it today we found
the problem and fixed it for the future.

All bugs are traceable via the bugs site and have gotten separate ids
and have been closed as of today.


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