I think it would help knowing the bacula version you are running and 
your gluster setup.

Bacula v7 has a "Maximum Bandwidth" for the job definition and "Maximum 
Bandwidth Per Job" for the FileDaemon definition as described in [1].

Regarding the gluster part if you can use the fuse gluster client ( it 
has better performance, balancing reads and writes between gluster 
nodes  and provides high availability ) in the machine where you are 
mounting the USB drive and limit the bandwidth with the parameters 
described in the bacula documentation link.

Or, if you are not using bacula yet, and all you want to do is to copy 
the data this one time, mount the gluster volume as before and use rsync 
with --bwlimit=<KBs>

[1] http://www.bacula.org/7.0.x-manuals/en/main/New_Features_in_7_0_0.html

On 10/13/2016 05:15 AM, Thing wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone done this?  I have a small 3 node 1TB gluster setup I'd 
> like to make up to an external USB3 disk using bacula so I can take 
> the disk offsite.   What I dont want to do however is impact the 
> gluster performance if I can so I am wondering how best to get the 
> data off and onto the external USB3 disk.
> Can I do this directly?  ie have a fd on one gluster node? it seems 
> awfully hard to find anyone how has done this and if there would be 
> problems.
> Or alternatively, I am wondering maybe stream the data off gluster to 
> a "new' disk in the bacula server via nfs with rsync and then have 
> bacula back that "new" disk up to the external USB3 disk?

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