Hello guys:

Based on your experience, what alternative do we have for backing up
information to the cloud preferably using Bacula?

I've been reading some posts about similar topics. Bandwidth always
seem to be a problem because it isn't to big (Gigs per second) or
there's to much information (several terabytes) and Bacula can't run
jobs for so long without modifying source code and recompiling.

I've been thinking something alternatives like these:

1. Backup to local disk and configure Copy jobs to make a copy to
Amazon S3. Local backups can run always fast but Copy jobs might be
delayed ... without issues?

2. Configure Amazon Storage Gateway as VTL so Bacula can backup
directly to Amazon using virtual tape devices through iSCSI. What do
you think about this?

3. For a single fileserver to be backed up (let's say a Samba server),
I could create a replica in the cloud (i.e. Amazon EC2) which can be
constantly synchronized (via rsync) and run Bacula locally in such EC2

What other ideas have you thought? Maybe a combination of other open
source tools that can be combined with Bacula? or maybe a different
open source solution that replaces Bacula to save backups in the

I'd appreciate some ideas, pros and/or cons to be discussed.

Thanks in advance for your time bats!

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