On 02/13/2018 07:21 AM, Mike Rightmire wrote:
> With some other backup systems, a filename "tag" can be placed in the
> directory to initiate a "skip".
> For example, with BORG backup - placing the file ".nobackup" in a directory,
> and configuring BORG backup with the switch...
>    --exclude-if-present ./nobackup
> /...will tell Borg (on the fly) to skip that directory.
> Does Bacula have this feature? I don't see anything in the resource sections
> of the manual.

Hi Mike,

yes, there is a FileSet directive/feature called "ExcludeDirContaining", which
you can set to any filename you like... And, as a matter of fact, you can even
specify multiple ones. :)

For example:

 Include {
    Options {
      Compression = LZO
      Signature = MD5

    File = /etc
    File = /var
    File = /usr
    File = /boot
    File = /root
    File = /home
    File = /proc/config.gz
    ExcludeDirContaining = .baculaexcludeme
    ExcludeDirContaining = .nobackup
    ExcludeDirContaining = DO_NOT_BACKUP_ME

Best regards,


Bill Arlofski
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