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Am 14.02.2018 um 03:00 schrieb Kenneth Garges:
>> On 10Feb 2018, at 1:29 PM, Tilman Schmidt <til...@imap.cc> wrote:
>> Any chance of checking on the firewall what's happening with the connection?
> Looking at the firewall rules show it will pass anything on ports 9101-9103 
> between the hosts. I have no reason to doubt that since backups work; only 
> restores (and only if the file is large) fail.

Ah, it seems I haven't expressed myself clearly.
I was referring to the firewall's logging and tracing capabilities to
analyze how, when and why the connection is broken.

Besides, firewalls are capable of doing much more than blocking or
allowing traffic on certain ports. They may break connections which
haven't passed any traffic for a given time and are therefore considered
idle - a frequent problem with Bacula through firewalls. They may limit
connections to a certain duration, bandwidth, or amount of data
transferred. They may intercept the content of connections and check
whether it conforms to their preconceived notion of how traffic on that
port looks like, whether it contains data that looks like malware
(inbound) or like trade secrets, credit card numbers or social security
numbers (outbound). Plenty of possibilities for interfering with
applications even though their ports are allowed in the policy.

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