Am 01.04.2018 um 17:12 schrieb Sebastian Suchanek:

> while still setting up Bacula (v5.2.6), I've come accross a rather
> strange issue with my tape library (an Overland NEO2000) with a
> LTO4-FC-Drive. When I do "fill" test with btape over multiple tapes,
> everything works fine. Also, for example, when I do a "label barcodes"
> command in btape over multiple slots, the individual tapes are moved
> into the drive, get written and are put back into their original slot.
> But when I run a "real" backup job which spans more than one tape, the
> job gets stuck as soon as the end of the first tape is reached. The last
> messages from the job are:
> | [...]
> | 2018-04-01 14:16:42         tigersclaw-sd JobId 111: Volume "SU4103L4"
> previously written, moving to end of data.
> | 2018-04-01 15:55:32         tigersclaw-sd JobId 111: End of Volume 
> "SU4103L4"
> at 21:2548 on device "LTO4-Drive-1" (/dev/nst0). Write of 2000000 bytes
> got -1.
> And after that, nothing happens anymore. Not even if I wait for half an
> hour.
> [...]

In the meantime, one of my LTO1 tapes (which of course is written in the
LTO1 drive of my library) managed to fill up during a backup job. And
now it get's really weird: this time, the tape was exchanged without any
noticable problems.

This makes me wonder if the problem is maybe caused by the LTO4 drive
itself. But what I didn't mention so far: during my various trial runs
around this problem, I also replaced the LTO4 drive with another one.
(AFAIR both of them were the same Seagate model, though...)

Best regards


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