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2018-04-10 13:13 GMT+02:00 Johannsen, Thorsten <thorsten-johann...@gmx.net <mailto:thorsten-johann...@gmx.net>>:

    I noticed this a few times that it is possible to specify an option
    in multiple locations. (Though I cannot give another example at the

There are a dozen of a such parameters. :)

    I am wondering if there is some kind of overview or documentation
    about the order of precedence of configuration parameters?

I think all is described in documentation in different places, i.e.

"17.5 The Schedule Resource
The Job-overrides permit overriding the Level, the Storage, the Messages, and the Pool specifications provided in the Job resource.

You have to carefully read it.

Ok, will dive into this during the next week or so. Maybe I can "extract" this to some kind of matrix / overview. If I find a useful format, I'll post it here... once for 'verification' but it may also benefit others -- at least that's what I hope for :-D



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