Nevermind. I was looking in wrong place. I see that 9x involves an update from 15 to 16 and the script to do that with.

Sorry, though I still wonder if there's a mapping somewhere that lists db versions against bacula versions.


On 4/14/18 7:44 PM, Stephen Thompson wrote:

I'm a little confused.  The release notes for 9.0.0 (and possibly all 9x) say that a database upgrade is require, and to run the update_bacula_table script.

I am running 7.4.4 at the moment and my database version (from version table) says I'm at 15, but the script to update mysql tables with bacula 9.0.6 apparently upgrades database to 15.

Does this sound right?  How can I already be a version that's for 9x, or did 15 come during 7x, which is why I have it, and the note in 9x release notes about needing database upgrade is because it can't hurt to run the script and many non-9x installations might not yet be at 15?

Is the database version and how it corresponds to bacula versions documented in a list anywhere?

I ask, because I want to know ahead of time how risky this is.  I do backup my catalog, but it could take a week to restore from backup, so I just want to know whether I really will doing a database upgrade or not.


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