I'm trying to build a "map" (xmind) of all the attributes of a Bacula configuration that can be overwritten in other ressources.

Basically I just search through the PDF for the word "overwrite" an see what's there :)

I'm using this version:


On Page 150 I see:

7.2    The Director Resource
The Director resource defines the attributes of the Directors running on the network. In the current implementation, there is only a single Director resource, but the final design will contain multiple Directors to maintain index and media database redundancy.


Heartbeat Interval = <time-interval>

This directive is optional and if specified will cause the Director
to set a keepalive interval (heartbeat) in seconds on each of the sockets it opens for the Client resource. This value will override any specified at the Director level. It is implemented only on systems (Linux,...) that provide the setsockopt
TCP KEEPIDLE function.  The default value is zero, which means
no change is made to the socket.

Ok, here's what I read in above paragraph:


"This directive" [in the Director Ressource] "will override any specified at the Director level".

So won't it override itself then??

I'm confused :-)

kind regards,

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