Thanks for the insight.  I believe that did the trick.

I purged, then deleted, 6 (empty) volumes, to get the list down to three.  The next run automatically generated a volume named according to the configured format, and did not request manual label.

Many thanks!  -Bruce

Hello Bruce,

I see this in your Pool:
Maximum Volumes = 4

Check the backup log. Newer versions of Bacula will tell you something along the 
lines of "Maximum volumes in pool reached,
cannot create a new volume", and then you will get the mount/label request.

Also, in bconsole:

* list pools

Will probably show that this pool has 4 volumes of 4 max.

* list media pool=FrancoFull

Will probably show that the 4 volumes are either 'Full' or 'Used'

BTW, this limit is only respected for automatic operations. Bacula will allow 
you to create more volumes in a pool manually.

Note: I see the volume you manually created is #0001, so my theory may not 
track here and we will need more information.

Best regards,

Bill Arlofski

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