I'm running Bacula 9.0.6 and cannot seem to get a wilddir exclusion to work.
My fileset is:


FileSet {

  Name = "CD-i"

  Include {

    Options {

        signature = SHA1

        Compression = GZIP9

        wilddir = "/mnt/CUSTOMER_DATA/i*"


    Options {

       RegexDir = ".*"

       wildfile = "*.rar"

       wildfile = "*.zip"

       wilddir = "/mnt/CUSTOMER_DATA/i*/temp"

       exclude = yes


    File = /mnt/CUSTOMER_DATA




There are a few hundred gigs of data in a few temp subdirectories and it
continues to be backed up.  Is there some sort of issue with how I have this
configured?  I did also try the following with the same results:


       wilddir = "/mnt/CUSTOMER_DATA/*/temp"



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