Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung von Jai McKenzie, Launch des Runway
Australian Experimental Art Journal #26 "Knowledge".

21.11.2014, ab 19:00
Artistic Bokeh, MuseumsQuartier Wien
Electronic Avenue

*Jai McKenzie: "Never Forever" (exhibition opening)*
*Runway Australian Experimental Art Issue #26*

Artistic Bokeh presents the first event in Vienna of the Austria Australia
Arts Alliance with the exhibition ‘Never Forever’ by Australian artist Jai
Mckenzie and the launch of the latest issue of Runway Journal for
Australian Experimental Art edited by Andrew Newman. The issue reflects on
how knowledge is generated within artistic practice and the launch will
feature a presentation by Australian artist and researcher Dr. Joshua Harle.

*Jai McKenzie: "Never Forever*
Never Forever’ was conceived after the artist, Jai McKenzie, visited the
Nakagin Capsule Tower; a decaying building positioned in the Shimbashi
district of Tokyo. Designed by Metabolist architect Kisho Kurokawa and
built over just 30 days in 1972, the Capsule Tower is composed of 140
inhabitable pods designed to be continuously removed, re-arranged, and
ultimately destroyed. Today, the pods are largely unoccupied and wait in
varying states of decay for impending demolition.

‘Never Forever’ examines the dynamic journey of creation and destruction,
the act of remembering and forgetting and the improbability of permanence
in an inherently impermanent world. Various forms are eroded through light
and fragmented through space. The work exists as if McKenzie sifted through
the remains of the building to compile a rearrangement of objects
repositioned within time, space and imagination.

Jai MacKenzie is an artist and academic based in Sydney and Berlin. She is
a Lecturer in Electronic and New Media Art at the Sydney College of the
Arts, Australia.


*Runway #26: Knowledge*
Launch of Runway's 26th Issue [KNOWLEDGE] edited by Andrew Newman. The
issue features: Amanda Williams (NSW), Carolyn Craig (QLD), Diego Ramirez
(VIC), Giselle Stanborough (NSW), Jasmine Targett (VIC), Jessica Herrington
(NSW), Josh Harle (NSW), Kailana Sommer (NSW), Karolina Novak & Daniel
Green (NSW), Luke Letourneau (NSW), Naomi Riddle (NSW), Samantha McKegg
(NZ), Sara Morawetz (NYC), Sera Waters (SA), Siouxzi Mernagh (BERLIN),
Robin Hungerford (NSW).


Artistic Bokeh Showroom
Vienna, MQ 1070
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