we've been working very intensively on the upcoming Bareos release over
the last year. Our plans are to publish a release candidate around the
Open Source Backup Conference (OSBConf) next week.

Marco van Wieringen has written to this list on Saturday, that he is
going to a sabbatical and stepped down as Bareos development leader.

We thank Marco for all the great work done and wish all the best!

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our next release, where Philipp
has already managed the development and was deeply engaged in the
biggest enhancement of 16.2, the "always incremental feature". Philipp
is one of the Bareos founders, earlier involved also in the Bacula
project and known as Author of the "Bacula book". So it's quite natural,
that Philipp Storz now takes over the development lead and role as

We also hope that more and more organizations - especially larger
companies - will realize that free software does not mean "free beer".
It does also imply a responsibility to sustain the community and the
development. The value of a subscription for maintained program packages
and professional support from the developers is mandatory to have a
reliable data backup solution in the long-run.

Hope to see you at OSBConf <http://osbconf.org/> and stay tuned for news
about the upcoming 16.2 release.


The Bareos Team

With kind regards // Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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