Am 12.10.2016 um 10:16 schrieb Vladislav Solovei:
> Hi, all!
> Please, help me :)
> My schedule:
> Schedule {
>   Name = "Weekly"
>   run = Full Sun at 03:00
>   run = Incremental Mon-Sat at 03:00
> }
> For every day i want to use one tape.
> Total - 7 tapes.
> What Volume Use Duration and Volume Retention Perion should i use?

Volume Use Duration should be 23 hours.

How many tapes have you got?

Volume Retention Period is only for reusing the volume again, so
throwing away the data you backuped.

Do you want to overwrite the tapes in the next week? I'm not sure, if
this makes sense.

Alternatively you can use 7 pool, one for each day, adapt you schedule
to you the matching pool per day and assign the tapes to them.

Then multiple jobs can be stored on the tapes. If a tape is full, Bareos
will inform you and you have to replace it. You don't use Volume Use
Duration is this case.


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