> How many tapes have you got?

> Volume Retention Period is only for reusing the volume again, so
> throwing away the data you backuped.
I just want to save backups of ~7 days data. One tape per one day.

> Do you want to overwrite the tapes in the next week? I'm not sure, if
> this makes sense.
> Alternatively you can use 7 pool, one for each day, adapt you schedule
> to you the matching pool per day and assign the tapes to them.
In this case i need 7 x number_of_clients job resources?

> Then multiple jobs can be stored on the tapes. If a tape is full, Bareos
> will inform you and you have to replace it. You don't use Volume Use
> Duration is this case.
I have a HP tape autoloader, i just want to rotate tapes without manual 

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