Gregory Vincic wrote:
> Hi,
> consider the possibility where future plugins would like to use code from both
> of the suggested Abstract classes
> - AbstractPluginExecuter
> - AbstractBioAssaySetExporter
> as you can only extend on of the abstract classes the problem remains. 

This is not a problem since one plug-in is an EXPORT plug-in and the 
other is an ANALYSIS plug-in. The plug-in API only allows a plug-in to 
be of one type.

 > I suggest you try to separate the plugin code from the "code that is
 > useful elsewhere" by putting them into separate classes.

The Base1PluginExecuter is already using the BioAssaySetExporter. 
Actually, at first everything was part of the Base1PluginExecuter but 
the export part was moved out to it's own plug-in to make it possible to 
reuse the export code. In this case, the BioAssaySetExporter is used as 
a regular object and not as a plug-in:

exporter = new BioAssaySetExporter();

> You have already done this in part by 
> having the class FileUtil which in it's documentation states
> "This class collects some useful methods for file and stream handling."
> This would be a good, if not great :-),  place to put eg.
>   - copy(..)
>   - deleteDir(...)
>   - emptyDir(...)
> from Base1PluginExecutor.

Might be good candidates to be moved to FileUtil.


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