We are planning to move the subversion repositories for the base and 
baseplugins site some time next week. The move is needed to simplify the 
administration of the various subversion repositories and trac sites. 
Right now, everything is located on too many different servers.

The new subversion URL:s will be:
BASE: http://base.thep.lu.se/svn
BASE plugins: http://baseplugins.thep.lu.se/svn

If you have checked out working copies of source code from the old 
locations there are two ways to handle the move:

1. Checkout a new working copy from the new location and delete the old 
working copy. Use this option only if you havn't made custom changes.

2. Use the 'svn switch --relocate' command.  The syntax is:

   svn switch --relocate OLD_URL NEW_URL WORKING_COPY_PATH

For example:

   cd <base_working_copy_dir>
   svn switch --relocate http://lev.thep.lu.se/repository/base
      http://base.thep.lu.se/svn .

If you are using Eclipse the 'relocate' command can be found in the 'SVN 
Repository Exploring' perspective. In the list of repositories, right 
click on a root repository and choose the 'Relocate...' menu item. A 
popup wizard will be displayed. Click on Next and enter the new URL.

The baseplugins repository will also be restructured as part of the 
server change. Instead of having /trunk, /tags and /branches at the root 
of the repository each subproject will now get their own /trunk, /tags 
and /branches. Here is an example:


will change to:


This change will make the baseplugins site easier to administrate and 
also makes it possible for each subproject to tag and branch as they wish.

Note that this message is just to prepare everybody of the change. 
Nothing has been changed yet. The change will take place some time next 
week. We don't yet know the exact day but will send another message when 
the changes have been completed.


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