I'm using BASE2.4.6 and the PluginConfigurationExporter/Importer normally works fine for me, but the PCImporter fails to read configurations when parameters have multiple values. In such cases, the PCExporter seems to work fine and the parameter info in the xml file looks as in the example below (N parameter values in this example).


But the PCImporter fails and the stack trace looks somemthing like this:

net.sf.basedb.core.BaseException: Found N values in parameter 'paramName'. Only 1 is allowed. at net .sf .basedb .plugins .PluginConfigurationImporter.doImport(PluginConfigurationImporter.java: 340) at net .sf .basedb .plugins .PluginConfigurationImporter.run(PluginConfigurationImporter.java:226) at net .sf .basedb.core.PluginExecutionRequest.invoke(PluginExecutionRequest.java: 89) at net.sf.basedb.core.InternalJobQueue $JobRunner.run(InternalJobQueue.java:421)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:613)
Caused by: net.sf.basedb.core.InvalidDataException: Found N values in parameter 'paramName'. Only 1 is allowed.
at net.sf.basedb.core.ParameterType.validate(ParameterType.java:248)
at net .sf .basedb .core .PluginConfiguration .setParameterValuesInternal(PluginConfiguration.java:462) at net .sf .basedb .core.PluginConfiguration.setParameterValues(PluginConfiguration.java: 430) at net .sf .basedb .plugins .PluginConfigurationImporter .setPluginConf(PluginConfigurationImporter.java:460) at net .sf .basedb .plugins .PluginConfigurationImporter.doImport(PluginConfigurationImporter.java: 334)
... 4 more

I think the problem could be that the parameter value multiplicity is not set properly. I don't know if this has been solved in later base versions, but I couldn't find any tickets about it. The fact that the PCExporter works suggests to me that the problem is not in the plugin configuration itself. What do you think about it?


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