David Waring wrote:
> I have recently installed the Illumina Plugins and have imported  
> features for several Array Designs. We modified our config to  
> generate the Bead Summary files and I have imported the data. Oddly  
> have found that the Bead Summary files contain some rows with  
> illumina codes that are not in the BGX files. For example the  
> datasets from HumanRef-8 arrays contain 324 probes that are not found  
> in any of the various versions of BGX files are available from the  
> Illumina web site. If I run these same datasets through BeadStudio  
> these these probes are not found in the BeadStudio output.
> Has anyone else run into this situation?

Yes, we have seen this also. Just select 'Probe not found=skip' when
importing the data to BASE and everything should work.


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