Olivier Lefevre wrote:
>>> Disregarding that, do you have any ideas about how to
>>> link directly to an Experiment without getting the 
>>> 'permission denied' error caused by the wrong project 
>>> being selected? 
>> You can't link directly. You need to set the active 
>> project first.
> ?? AFAIK this is the first time this comes up. Why isn't
> it enough to be logged and to have permission to view 
> the experiments in questions. Direct links to experiments
> are possible: they have the form
> http://localhost:8080/base2/views/experiments/index.jsp?ID=xxx&cmd=ViewItem&item_id=nnn

The permissions for a user a linked with the active project. Switching 
projects is more or less at the same level as logging out and then back 
as another user.

The direct link offers no possibility to switch user nor any possibility 
to switch project. Both of these things has to be done before the view 
page is being accessed.


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