On 2010-02-05 10:07, Gildas Le Corguillé wrote:

> For the last point, I had to use the method RawBioAssay.setFileSet(). 
> Which is implement in a newer BASE2Core than Tab2Mage_exporter 
> previously used.
> But I don't know from which version of Base, this method appear ? Then 
> if we propose my update, old version of base will show troubles.

It appeared in BASE 2.5. We usually try to add a note in the javadoc for
the api:

Our policy for the "Required BASE version" for plug-ins is to specify
the version that was used when testing. Even if it theoretically can be
compiled against an older BASE version we really don't know if it works
with that version. And since we don't have any resources to test with
older BASE versions this usually means that all plug-ins will require
the BASE version that was the current at the time the plug-in was released.

If you, for example, tested your changes with BASE 2.14 it would mean
that the new requirement is BASE 2.14.


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