Dear colleagues,

I had a problem with Tab2Mage exporter plugin about polling.
Then to know if it was my fault or its fault, I downloaded the sources 
to study the pooling implications.

And finally, I tried to fix what I thought be a bug.

Now Tab2Mage_exporter :
  - supports pooling
  - creates a scan column in the output file
  - uses the filemane name in the "File[raw]" column instead of the 
RawBioAssay name
  - supports several files per RawBioAssay

I hope I didn't add bug !?
And now, what is your policy about submiting an update ? Must I contact 
the original author ?

For the last point, I had to use the method RawBioAssay.setFileSet(). 
Which is implement in a newer BASE2Core than Tab2Mage_exporter 
previously used.
But I don't know from which version of Base, this method appear ? Then 
if we propose my update, old version of base will show troubles.

Thank you for your attention

Best regards


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