Marie Mooney wrote:
> I'm trying to import some genepix raw data files (.gpr) with the raw data
> importer. In configuring the plugin, I define the fields and test the file
> parsing, but it doesn't recognize the data header line the way I expressed
> it. When I select the option to make the 'unknown' line the data header,
> the file parses correctly and everything looks the way I want, but when I
> hit 'Next' I get the error printout below. Could anyone give me some
> direction about what I'm doing wrong here?

I am not able to reproduce the error, though I am not sure that I am 
doing it exactly the same way as you. Can you give a step-by-step path 
to follow that leads to the error?

For example:
1. Go to Administrate -> Plugins -> Definitions
2. Find the 'Raw data importer' and click on it's name
3. Click on the 'New configuration' button
4. ... please fill in here...


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