We are doing some preliminary migrations on testing databases to test if 
everything works fine with the migration script. We use Postgres 7.3.9 
on both, Base1 and Base2 installations, so we will test how it works 
with this db server. Except changes required by Postgres in 
/migration-queries.sql/ file I found that in method 
query checking schema version has to be changed (double quotes are 
necessary). Without this migration from Postgres database won't even start.

The second thing is transferring wizzzards. In our Base1 database those 
with /formatType=reportermap/, have column and row numbers in /mapping/ 
property proceeded by /_r_x /and/ _r_y/ respectively, not by /numCol/ 
and /numRow/ as WizzzardTransfer class expects. That causes the 
ReporterMapImporter plugin configuration to fail. I don't know if the 
mapping format has changed, but if the old one is still in use, the 
migration could support it.

And the last thing concerning only older Postgres server versions (< 8.0 
according to 
http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-jdbc/2005-11/msg00127.php) is that 
they don't support JDBC's PreparedStatement.getParameterMetaData method. 
Luckily this method is not used very often and only minor changes in 
code (Transfer.java, SampleTissueTransfer.java, UserTransfer.java) were 
made to make migration run without this method. Users with 8.* Postgres 
versions shouldn't have this problem.

All the best,
Pawel Sztromwasser

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