Hi All,

 am getting stymied in the process of creating spot images after I have
uploaded my Affy CDF file as a raw bioassay.  According to the instructions
analysis.rawbioassay.html in section 17.2.4, I should have a " Create spot
images. button appears in the toolbar"
but I feel like a complete moron because I just don't see where that is.

The only thing I can see is: 
"Spot images
No spot images has been created for this raw bioassay."

In this instance, I am using the Human U133 Plus 2 Data Set.


In another instance, I am trying to import Illumina data through the
"Illumina raw data importer" plug-in in the Raw Bioassays section.  I have
tried several types of Illumina data, and am just not sure what kind of file
that this importer is expecting--neither am I sure where to begin with my
raw data, or reporters, when it comes to Illumina.

This brings me to my final question which is whether there are some sample
data sets (from various platforms like Affy, Illumina, etc.) that are
available for users to upload into their fresh installs to play with.  This
would drastically reduce the slope of the learning curve (my apologies if
they exist, and I just have somehow overlooked them).

I am using BASE 2.4.5 (build #3894; schema #40)

Thanks in advance for your help.


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