I was wondering if the project defaults are used in batch importing, 
i.e. when a property is not specified in tab-delimited file but set as 
default in an active project? I did a quick test and it didn't work, so 
I thought I could suggest it. This way setting project properties 
upfront would save some work latter when editing the batch-import 
I can imagine that in some cases it is not desired to set default 
properties automatically, so maybe a plugin configuration option to use 
project defaults would suffice. When updating with 'use defaults' option 
set, the plugin should overwrite existing properties.

The second suggestion is also about the project default properties. We 
appreciate the nice and very useful links in the experiment 
overview/validator that help correct the experiment, and we saw a need 
for a new one(s). When an item is missing a protocol/software/hardware 
(or similar), the link could help in setting the default value in the 
active project. Or even suggest doing it for all the items of the same 
type having the property missing. This would be an awesome option 
allowing to fix the experiment quickly when one forgot to set the 
defaults in advance.

Best regards,
Pawel Sztromwasser

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