On 2011-11-21 21:32, Nantel Andre wrote:

> We don't have any "regular" users yet since we are still figuring out
> how it works. I am doing everything from my administrator account.

Have you created a file format configuration for the files you are 
using? This is done in Administrate -> Plug-ins & Extensions -> Plug-in 
configurations. Create a new configuration for the 'Raw data importer' 
plug-in and use the 'Test with file' function to get regular 
expressions, etc. correct.

> Anyway that's all the time I can give to this problem until later
> this week. This whole process has been much much more difficult than
> we expected. Please don't take this the wrong way but it might be a
> problem for your team as well if you ever hope to expand on your user
> base. It's not like we're new at this, we've been using microarrays
> since 1999 but I was getting tired of sending thousands of dollars to
> Agilent every year.

Setting up a BASE server is not trivial. We have recently set up a new 
BASE installation for a project here and I guess we have spent several 
months just setting up lab procedures, data import procedures, and also 
made some customizations to BASE in order to further streamline the data 

We don't have an explicit goal to get more users. We are primarily using 
BASE at our own site to solve our own "problems". The Illumina extension 
package is an example of that. Unfortunately, we don't have the 
resources to develop things targeted for other platforms than what we 
are using ourselves. This doesn't mean that BASE can't be used with 
other platforms, but in order to get the most out of BASE one need to 
invest time and maybe also resources for customization. In may 
experience at least a week would be needed for initial testing and 
prototyping and then maybe a couple of months for setting up a 
production-ready server, formalizing lab and data handling procedures, 
developing custom plug-ins and extensions, etc.


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