On 2012-10-02 00:27, McClelland, Erin wrote:
> Hi
> Tried to post this earlier but it didn't seem to work - apologies if
> this is a duplicate message.
> We have run into a problem setting up a new root bioassay set - we
> continually get an error message similar to the following: Duplicate
> entry '22-1' for key 'PRIMARY' -  (see stack trace below).  Initially we
> did not have a reporter map imported for the new array we are using and
> had some problems with that importation - not sure if that would affect
> the root bioassay set as the reporters now seem to be in BASE. We are
> using data output from ImaGene. We are unsure how to address this
> problem and wondered if you have any suggestions.

It's difficult to say exactly what has happened here, but the error 
indicates some kind of duplicate position/reporter information in the 
raw data. This can be checked by going to the "Raw data" tab of one of 
the raw bioassays. Each entry in this table should have a unique 
"position", but possibly there are at least two with position=1.

If that is the case, new raw bioassays has to be created and the raw 
data has to be re-imported. Make sure that the array design has imported 
reporters since that is required to make the positions unique.

Hope this helps.


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