On 2014-10-30 23:07, Rachad El-Badrawi wrote:

> Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException:
> /usr/local/base2/files/2014-44/30-15

In your base.config file there is a setting called 'userfiles' which 
should point to a directory on the server machine. The default value for 
this setting is '/usr/local/base2/files'. The important thing here is 
that this directory exists and is writable by the Tomcat user. That it 
exists is normally checked when the server is started and would cause 
the startupto fail, so my guess is that the problem is that the 
directory is not writable by the Tomcat user.

> 2) On a side note: I noticed that the pop-up menu for 'file upload'
> assumes that my BASE client browser is on the same file system as where
> BASE is installed, and that I have an account on that server (e.g.
> /home/rbadrawi), which is not the case. I am not sure how to change the
> default directory displayed in the pop-up file upload menu to reflect my
> current directory on my local machine. However, even after creating a
> matching directory on  the server (i.e. '/home/rbadrawi' in my case) the
> exception is not resolved.

BASE has it's own virtual file system that only lives in the database 
one the server. Each user has a home directory /home/<username> which is 
probably what you see in the upload dialog.

The actual files are stored in the /usr/local/base2/files directory in a 
somewhat semi-random fashion not related to what you can see in BASE.


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