Hi Marco,

> XUST001 Updating function items are not yet supported
> when passing an updating function as a value. This used to work neatly from
> 7.6 at least onwards.
> I must admit that I'm pretty surpirsed and I'd like to ask where ni the docs
> I could get more info on that.

the behavior in 7.6 was not clean, which is why it was removed in more
recent versions. However, the latest XQUF draft (not public yet) now
provides an "updating" keyword, which can be used to invoke updating

  UpdatingFunctionCall  ::=  "updating" PrimaryExpr "(" (ExprSingle
("," ExprSingle)*)? ")"

Issue 939 will be closed as soon as we have implemented this in BaseX
[1]. As an alternative, if you set MIXUPDATES=true in BaseX 8.0, you
won't encounter any restrictions regarding the invocation of updating
and non-updating functions.


[1] https://github.com/BaseXdb/basex/issues/939

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