Hi BaseX team!

A quick question.

Is there some known bug/common setting missing for RESTXQ and memory

I have this simple module ( into /webapp, a .xqm file ) :

*module namespace exe = 'http://site.com/execute
*declare *
* %rest:path("update")*
* %rest:consumes("application/x-www-form-urlencoded")*
* %rest:POST function exe:update() {*

* xquery:eval-update(request:parameter("query"))*


I use it to execute some updates against some databases from
different clients.

Everything works fine by a while, but after some time I get this error [1]:

*java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space*

I noticed that every call to *update()* the memory grows and grows until it
reaches the *OutOfMemoryError*. [2]

If I stop the HTTP server, the memory is released immediately. [3]

What I'm doing wrong?
Is there some command to execute the GC?
Is this a problem with "*xquery:eval-update()"*?
Am I using it in the wrong way?

Best regards,
[1] https://imgur.com/DrcbwQg
[2] https://imgur.com/fonmrhm
[3] https://imgur.com/SYFBFK8

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