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> The term "mail alias" itself seems to me to be poorly chosen, bespeaking
> an inward-looking, comp-sci-technical, "historical reasons" (IOW no
> reason) viewpoint rather than an outward-looking, user- and
> usability-focused one. Much as I love the Unix way, this is an example
> of where Unix tradition sucks and is really user hostile. We're talking
> about *lists* and/or *groups*, not "aliases". *Those* are the words most
> users will expect and look for; those are the words BBDB should use. 
> I suggest we standardize on "group". I can rename and write a
> `define-obsolete-*-alias' declaration for each existing `*-mail-alias'
> declaration and -- the important bit -- update the doc strings. That
> seems consistent with the way v3 has tried to rename lots of opaque and
> unintuitive "legacy" symbol names thus far. Maintainers can then
> gradually eliminate the "obsolete symbol" compiler warnings over time.
> Before I (attempt to) code this and submit a patch, can anyone see a
> reason I've missed why it's a bad idea?

Replying to myself... I've thought of one, namely Gnus' use of "group"
(meaning/derived from "newsgroup") for what most MUAs call "mailbox",
"folder" or "label". So... how about substituting "mailing-list" for
"mail-alias" throughout?

Both "list" and "group" lose the sense that "alias" has of being
applicable to either an individual or a group. Maybe that's a reason for
keeping "mail-alias". 

Now I'm leaning toward declaring a matching *-mailing-list-* (Lisp)
alias for each *-mail-alias-* declaration, without declaring anything
obsolete. I would add " (that is, a mailing list)" or the moral
equivalent to each occurrence of "mail alias" in the doc strings.

This is tricky stuff. I don't want to make things worse with an
ill-considered change. Maybe I should let it drop for now.

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