> I second that! I would love a manual for V3. If I can help let me know.

sometime ago I switched from Vim, first to Spacemacs and now I’m on
’plain’ Emacs…using Gnus, org-mode etc.

I sync my phone contacts/calendars by using DAVdroid app which syncs
with my instance of ownCloud – calendars are synced with the org-caldav
and I tried to use org-vcard to import my contacts into org-mode’s
org-contacts, but, somehow, completion withing Gnus does not work well
and it looks it does not scale – both my and my wife have few hundred

Then I tried to import my contacts into BBDB (v3) via bbdb-vcard (there
are some glitches to make Emacs very busy), but I’ve feeling that BBDB
is much better solution for my contacts, but there is no manual at all.

So, wondering whether the manual for old V2 can be still consulted?


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