"Roland Winkler" <wink...@gnu.org> writes:

> On Sat Sep 5 2015 Roland Winkler wrote:
>> On Thu Sep 3 2015 Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>> > Basically it does what it says: if point is on a record name, the
>> > whole record is copied, like before. If point is on a particular
>> > field, the value (but not label) of that field is copied.
>> I am just trying to understand a typical usage pattern for the
>> extended code.  I understand that it can make sense for a single
>> record to grab the value of only one field.  Yet what would this be
>> good for with multiple records?  It seems to me that with multiple
>> records, this would make sense only if it included also the name of
>> the record.
> One more thought: Why treat names special?  The only field, where it
> appears to make sense to grab its value from multiple records
> without including some "identifier", would be the name field.
> Then, treating all fields the same way might work best with a
> separate command bbdb-copy-field-as-kill instead of extending the
> functionality of bbdb-copy-records-as-kill.  The prefix arg could
> then possibly be used in a different way: with prefix arg the
> command could also grab the name field.  (Or: include the name field
> whenever this command operates on more than one record?)

Yup, I asked myself many of these same questions, and I'm not really
sure why I settled on the current behavior. All I really need is a quick
way to copy and share addresses, phone numbers, and mails from my
contacts -- usually just one, and I don't need the name attached. Beyond
that, I'm happy to work this however seems most useful.

Your last suggestion seems as good as anything I could come up with: why
don't we do a separate function that only copies fields. If the name was
included automatically when copying multiple records, then the prefix
arg could be saved for selecting members from a list value, like it does
now. Mostly that's useful when people have a million different email


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