I'm using "git-emacs"

emacs-version => ""

and elpa bbdb

bbdb-version => "3.1.2" (via ELPA)

If I do M-x eudc-query, find a record corresponding to a contact not in
my bbdb , and try to add it to my bbdb via "b" (more precisely, by the
function "eudc-try-bbdb-insert")

I get an error - this is what appears in *Messages*:

bbdb-change-record: Wrong type argument: listp, "john....@tufts.edu"

After doing the above command, looking at the "raw" bbdb file there is
indeed a record corresponding to John Doe, and the email address that
appears in that record seems garbled compared to the other records (it
comes out something like the following:

["John Q." "Doe" nil "john....@tufts.edu" nil nil nil nil
((creation-date . "2015-11-15 15:24:49 +0000") (timestamp . "2015-11-15
15:24:49 +0000")) nil]

-- in other records in my bbdb file, the email address(es) seems
to be "inside a list".)

Maybe the problem is just that the eudc conversion tools (in
eudc-export.el) are only aimed at pre-version 3 bbdb? perhaps those
tools create records that are incompatible with bbdb3?

For what it is worth, this is the 2nd time I've thought about this
matter. I tried to make this sort of conversion work 6 months or so
ago. At that time I think I seem to have thought there was also trouble
with phone numbers, so I had made the following simplification [in an
attempt to get things working a little bit, at least...]:

| eudc-ldap-bbdb-conversion-alist
| Value: ((name . cn)
|  (net . mail)
|  (address eudc-bbdbify-address postaladdress "Address"))
| Original value was 
| ((name . cn)
|  (net . mail)
|  (address eudc-bbdbify-address postaladdress "Address")
|  (phone
|   (eudc-bbdbify-phone telephonenumber "Phone")))

but this doesn't help with the error I mention above (and I put the
problem down for a while).

So: am I doing something bone-headed? Is there some way to make things
work? Maybe a smarter setting of the eudc-ldap-bbdb-conversion-alist
variable just mentioned? 

Many thanks for help or suggestions,
George McNinch

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