On Wed Nov 18 2015 Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
> The version of EUDC in question should be able to read bbdb 2.x or
> bbdb 3.x formatted databases transparently.  But I haven't done
> much testing with eudc-query and writing BBDB entries from there.

Ah, thanks, that's good to know.  Lately I did not look at Emacs git.

> I guess now is a good time to revisit: is there any chance of BBDB
> ever getting assignment paperwork from its existing contributors?
> As I understand it, though BBDB 3 is largely a rewrite it still
> uses code patterns from prior contributors that may not be clear
> from a copyright standpoint?

I believe it is fair to say that the core of BBDB has been rewritten
completely (the three files bbdb.el, bbdb-com.el and bbdb-mua.el), also
some add-ons are "clean" (bbdb-anniv.el, bbdb-ispell.el,
bbdb-snarf.el, bbdb-pgp.el)

Loose ends include the add-ons bbdb-sc.el, bbdb-print.el and
mua-specific pieces of code in bbdb-gnus.el and bbdb-vm.el.

One option could be to incorporate the core of BBDB into GNU Emacs
and keep the loose ends in savannah.nongnu.org.  BBDB has a long
history of having a core plus many add-ons.


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