On Sat Nov 21 2015 George McNinch wrote:
> That was actually inaccurate - I had failed to snip a setting of
> load-path pointing to a directory for bbdb that I had populated via git
> (and that seemed to be the version of bbdb being used).

Which git repository did you use?  The "official" repository is


> ,----
> | bbdb-version is a variable defined in ‘bbdb-site.el’.
> | Its value is "@PACKAGE_VERSION@"
> `----

You need to properly `make' BBDB (see the README file in the
repository) in order to get a meaningful value assigned to

If you just compile the elisp files from the git repository and also
when you get BBDB from Melpa the variable bbdb-version has the
meaningless value "@PACKAGE_VERSION@".


BBDB Home Page: http://bbdb.sourceforge.net/

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