And while we're all here...

A while ago there was a very brief exchange about the possibility of a
version of BBDB refactored on top of the EIEIO object orientation
library. I've been thinking about that for a while, and recently wrote
a sort of prototype. I'd like to share it with everyone, either as an
attachment to the list, or I guess preferably by pushing a branch to
the git repo.

There isn't anything particularly wrong with BBDB that needs fixing,
but an OO version of the database does lots of good things, mostly in
the direction of extension and customization. It also gets us free
file serialization courtesy of eieio-persistent, and I've added in
support for multiple databases.

One semi-serious problem is that EIEIO is under development, and a bit
of a moving target. This version of BBDB would likely only reliably work
with a development version of Emacs. But if we're considering bundling
BBDB with Emacs anyway, that might be okay.

Right now it's kind of a code sketch. You can load it, and it works
fine in an IELM session, it's just very rudimentary. Basically I put
in enough effort that it can serve as the basis for a design
discussion, but not so much that I would feel bad about dumping large
parts of the code, or scrapping it altogether.

Anyway, if there's interest, I can push a branch or something...


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