I'm trying to use both gnus and mu4e, and I'm having an issue when
sending a message from mu4e: I get the following error:

bbdb-mua: BBDB: MUA `mu4e-compose-mode' not supported

I'm using a recent version of BBDB (the Melpa version from November of
this year), and my BBDB setup looks like this:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(bbdb-initialize 'gnus 'message)
(bbdb-mua-auto-update-init 'gnus 'message)

I tried adding the 'mu4e symbol to both lines and it's not changing
anything. I don't necessarily want BBDB to work with mu4e: I want to be
able to send messages with mu4e while still using BBDB with gnus. Is
this possible?

I asked this question on the mu4e mailing list, and it seems that the
problems comes from the hook bbdb adds to message mode, which is run in
mu4e-compose-mode as it extends message mode.



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