On Thu Jun 23 2016 ST wrote:
> I managed to add anniversaries/birthdays to BBDB and display them in
> org-agenda. Now I need to move to the next step and provide those dates
> as Hebrew dates. In diary mode the dates seem to look like HSivan 17,
> 5776 . However if I put it to BBDB like anniversary: HSivan 17, 5776
> birthday - I get error while trying to generate agenda view: bad-sexp at
> line 5 /path/to/agenda.org (org-bbdb-anniversaries). Any ideas on how to
> get it working?

You might want to ask this question on a list for org mode.
bbdb-anniv.el has been designed to work with the Emacs calendar.  As
described in this file

  In particular, `calendar-date-style' is obeyed via `diary-date-forms'.

Yet I do not know anything about how org mode might interact with
BBDB anniversaries.

You mention that you get an error from org-bbdb-anniversaries.  This
function is part of org mode, not of BBDB.  I do not know what it is
doing / what it is supposed to do.

(Do your Hebrew dates interact properly with the Emacs calendar?)


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